Bears and Raccoons, Download, E

AMPLE Edition, Karl-Heinz Dingler and Karl-Heinz Frommolt

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This mp3-download presents the vocalizations of bears, raccoons and their relatives in 99 recordings. The focus is on the Eurasian Brown Bear and the Red Panda. The Raccoon is also portrayed in detail. The accompanying booklet gives detailed information on every recording and the behavioral context. Experience the world of bears while listening to their voices!

 1-16   Eurasian Brown Bear   Ursus arctos arctos 
 17-18 Grizzly Bear   Ursus arctos horribilis
 19-22 Kodiak Bear   Ursus arctos middendorffi
 23-28 Polar Bear   Ursus maritimus
 29-31 Black Bear   Ursus americanus
 32-33 Asian Black Bear   Ursus thibetanus
 34-38 Sun Bear   Helarctos malayanus
 39-41 Sloth Bear  Melursus ursinus
 42-44 Spectacled Bear   Tremarctos ornatus
 45-46 Giant Panda   Ailuropoda melanoleuca
 47-52 Red Panda   Ailurus fulgens
 53-62 Raccoon   Procyon lotor
 63-64 Crab-eating Raccoon   Procyon cancrivorus
 65-68 South American Coati   Nasua nasua
 69-71 White-nosed Coati   Nasua narica
 72-74 Kinkajou   Potos flavus
 75      Allen’s Olingo   Bassaricyon alleni
 76      Bushy-tailed Olingo   Bassaricyon gabbii
 77-78 Ring-tailed Car   Bassariscus astutus
 79-80 Cacomistle   Bassariscus sumichrasti 

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