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Lord   4:09

Composed and arranged by DAN GSCHWIND
Instruments except guitar by DAN GSCHWIND
Lyrics and vocals by DAN GSCHWIND
Vocals, guitar arrangements and all guitars by JO SHIRO
Sound engineer JO SHIRO
Recorded, mixed and mastered at JO SHIRO STUDIO MUNICH

Produced by DAN GSCHWIND

Sittin´ in a cafe wonderin´ why
People walkin´ by
And the wind is blowin´ outside the door

You have come to save us
To set us free
You have given love you´ve given us the key

Oh my Lord I´m lovin´ you
You´re the birds in the sky
You´re the flame that burns in me
You´re the mountain high

You´re the deep blue endless sea
You´re my life my destiny
Come on shine your light on me
Let it shine on all

Oh my Lord I´m lovin´ you
You gave me my life my soul
(I give you my life my soul)
Come on shine your light on me
Let it shine on all

You have come to save us to set us free
You are love you´ve given us the key
You are the love that makes us cry
You are the one who´ll never ever die

Oh my Lord I´m lovin´ you
You´ve given me your secret view
Come on take control of me
Never let me go


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